*This information is for those who have a student(s) selected for the All State Band.


West Virginia All State Band

Dear Directors,

If you have a student or students selected for the BAND, please complete the photo release form,  information sheet (located by clicking on "Band Reg." under the Registration tab and return with a $25.00 per student registration fee postmarked no later than January 13, 2024. The fee is $35.00 per student starting January 14, 2024. Music will be sent to directors as soon as possible, only after all photo release forms and fees have been received.  USE ONLY ONE CHECK FOR YOUR FEES MADE PAYABLE TO WV ALL STATE BAND.  In order for students to participate in any All State Ensembles, the director MUST register for the conference 

The conference will be held Feb. 29 - March 2, in Charleston, WV. The rehearsal schedule will be available online. 
All directors with students participating in All State ensembles MUST register for the conference prior to the first rehearsal. 

Students selected for the WV All State Orchestra will be contacted by the Orchestra chairperson concerning music. 


Tracey R. Filben
WV All State Band Chair