About Us

WVBA Executive Board


President - Victor Iapalucci, Phillip Barbour High School

1st Vice President (Jazz Chair) - Neil King, Suncrest Middle School

2nd Vice President (All State Band Chair) - Tracey Filben, John Marshall High School

Secretary/Treasurer - Meleah Fisher - Herbert Hoover High School


Regional Band Festival Reps

1 Deb Price Tracey Filben
2 Scott Tignor Dan White
3 Brian Dunfee Tim James
4 Bobby Jenks Meleah Fisher
5 David Cooke Robin Bunch Bailey
6 Lucas Woods Julia Kade
7 Timmy Fama Christa Fama
8 Allen Heath Victor Iapalucci
9 Rachel Allen Casie Adams
10 Mark Palmer Michael Ford


An All State Orchestra, Band and Chorus Association was organized in Charleston, Nov. 7, 1930, to sponsor and promote the three groups. This association was endorsed by the State Education Association Music Section when they met at the First Methodist Church in Charleston, Nov. 14, 1930. One year later, however, the Music Section voted to dispense with the association and replace it by a board of director consisting of five members. 

While an all state band was included in these discussions, it was not organized at this time. On Nov. 5, 1937, Dr. Frank Cuthbert, Dean of the School of Music at West Virginia University, expressed the desire to have an all state band represented at state music meetings. Thus, the present WVMEA All State Band is the youngest of the three high school all state groups. 

Notes Da Capo - By John Puffenbarger 
Nov. 1990